KUTU, Bulgaria

KU TU EOOD is a marketing and communications agency and consultancy, focused on the development of attractive marketing, communication and advertising products for a wide variety of organisations and sectors. The company is also involved in European cooperation projects for providing non-formal education opportunities applicable to different target groups in the fields of language teaching and learning, integration of migrants, active citizenship, promotion of tolerance, anti-discrimination and inclusion of marginalized groups, facilitating access and inclusion on the labour market, etc.

REINTEGRA,z.s., Czech Republic

REINTEGRA is a non-profit organization dealing with reintegration of disadvantaged people (minorities, migrants, disabled people, people with learning difficulties, etc.) into the society and the labour market. REINTEGRA develops and implements integration, educational and motivational programmes that effectively support employment and integration of different disadvantaged groups. The organisation also participates in national and international projects focused on career guidance, lifelong learning, educational methods, coaching, e-learning, special methods for career counseling, integration programmes, etc.

PRESSURE LINE, The Netherlands

Pressure Line is a full-service communication agency, established in 1997. Core competences are development of communication and dissemination strategies, research and marketing, creation of corporate identities, web design, multimedia projects, developing and designing of learning materials. Pressure Line works for governmental organizations, regional and local authorities, educational and cultural institutions and welfare organizations.


EURORESO is a network that has been in existence for several decades, involving currently 49 partners from 28 different European countries. EURORESO has participated in virtually all types of European transnational programmes and its members have extensive experience as single and collective entities, with wide experience and proven expertise in education and training in various sectors, including social inclusion, migrant integration, women rights and equality. One of the main purposes of the association (which is devoid of any intentions to make profit) is the dissemination of projects and valorisation of their results and products.

Biedrība Eurofortis, Latvia

Association “Biedrība Eurofortis” is a multicultural non-governmental organization that aims to facilitate continuing education of schools, enterprises and society, supporting development of different competencies, as well as personal and professional skills. We implement various EU educational projects to foster and ensure: Availability of educational and up-to-date learning materials, platforms, seminars and training for everyone; Implementation of EU initiatives such as Work-based learning, EQAVET in educational sector; Organization of foreign mobilities for students and youth (Erasmus+ Youth, VET mobilities); Training in the field of Total quality management implementation.

Ballybeen Women’s Centre LTD., United Kingdom

Ballybeen Women’s Centre is an integrated service provider committed to enabling women, young people and children to realise their potential and fulfill their aspirations through the promotion of health, personal and socio-economic development.  The core activities of the organisation are education and training, childcare and family support, health promotion, peer education with young people, culture diversity and community development and capacity building.

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education, Cyprus

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Ltd is a pioneering organisation committed to the development of the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Cyprus. It initiates and implements projects of positive social impact in the fields of entrepreneurship, employment, migrant integration, health and ageing. SYNTHESIS operates “Hub Nicosia,” a collaborative space and a community of organisations with primary social purpose.

, Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdogan University (formerly Rize University) is established in 2007 and as a state university, it has approximately 20.000 students. The university is committed to provide academic freedom and environment to enrich scientific, social, intellectual and cultural development of its students. Besides, the university is to achieve competitiveness in scientific and technological fields, product-oriented, offering education at an international level; providing social, cultural and sportive needs to its students; augmenting qualified academic staff with excellent research and professional service perspectives. The university also makes every effort to fulfil its responsibilities by providing a wide variety of academic programmes in the fields of natural, applied and health sciences as well as social sciences, arts and humanities, fisheries, human services and business administration. The university seeks to engage students in research and creative activities, to promote excellence in teaching to develop and maintain scholarship, establishing academic cooperation with other institutions and international agencies in order to maximize effectiveness through information sharing and transfer of innovation.


“Iniciativas de Futuro para una Europa Social” is a non-profit cooperative which cooperates with the regional and local Public Administration (Regional Government and City Municipalities), Social Partners (Trade Unions and Employers Associations), as well as many other institutions and organisations in different fields, mainly related to adult education and vocational training. As a training provider, offers tailor-made training programmes for developing and upgrading skills and professional qualifications of workers and unemployed people, thus improving their employment opportunities and supporting their personal and professional development. IFES COOP provides vocational training for different target groups, where priority is given to specific disadvantaged groups such as migrants, women, disadvantaged people, etc.